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Himegami no Miko (姫神の巫女) Part I, Chapter 10

It has taken quite some time but, finally, I give you the final chapter of Part I of Himegami no Miko! When I first translated the prologue on a whim, there was little of this story written and it did not seem like it would be difficult to keep up. Thereafter, more parts and more chapters were added. The odds seemed insurmountable as I realized the length of this web novel would continue to grow. I know that, for the first few chapters, I was pretty unreliable as far as keeping up a constant speed to updating. I even left this altogether and would put it on the back burner. ‘Who really pays attention to these translations?’ I thought. ‘Only one or two people ever comment.’ However, it was precisely that knowledge that there indeed are people who want to read them that has always pulled me to come back and keep working. So, for those who have been on this journey since the early days, I sincerely thank you for your words of encouragement in this endeavor and hope you continue to support me. And to the few who are newcomers, I hope to keep you tagging along for the ride. :)

Slightly off-topic: Remember how I mentioned that I had also applied to the JET Program? Well, I received an e-mail yesterday confirming my acceptance. In all honesty, IUC is my first choice and what I ultimately decided to settle upon if accepted, but I am amazed at the realization that I am 2 for 2. All signs DO point to Japan for me. :D Huzzah!

lilly_938: Yeah! Isn’t it great? I sure hope not…
himekoxchikane: Oh, I see. I didn’t intend to be accusatory, more in the sense of light teasing. ;) This chapter was short but made me want to skip to the next part. lol I know you are lethe. Are you sticking with this name from now on?
Emma: It’s about time! You are welcome! :) And thank you! Congratulations on finishing your dissertation! Hope you get to relax a little more now.
GirlWhoLovesYuri: Haha, here’s more! Thank you! Hope to see you comment more around here! Enjoy! :)
MeiMeiChan: You’re welcome! Don’t worry, don’t feel as if you have to say anything else. I appreciate the sentiment and love! Please continue to send more from here on out. :)

Disclaimer: Himegami no Miko is written by Uetake Sumio-san and illustrated by Kaishaku. The original text can be accessed here. This is work is not for profit or sale. It is being done for the sake of an English-speaking audience and for my own practice and enjoyment. The translation, however, solely belongs to me. If you would like to translate this version into other languages, you may do so as long as you credit me. Thank you!


This was a dwelling of darkness.
It was darker than night and more grave than mud. Sunlight, moonlight, even the brightness of stars, could not reach it.
All light coming from the outside would cease in this room.
Anything close to actual light was a faint, lapis lazuli glow suspended in the emptiness of the room. That was it.
The reason for that glow was…
There was an area surrounded by several layers of rope as indication that someone was enshrined at the center.
The person was a girl of about seven years of age.
At first glance, she looked like a doll.
From her kimono that gave the impression of a twelve-layered ceremonial one, to her hair coiffured in the Japanese style, to her skin as pure white as pottery, to her dark eyes that were like bottomless pits.
Everything about her was like a doll.
Only her lips were a raw, sinister red as if she sucked on blood.
Waiting beside her was a woman from the Department of Divinities who concealed her face behind a serpent mask.
Nine shadows stood in front of her.
One was the leader whose big frame was like that of a rock.
Another was of small stature like a cat.
Lastly, the one seated at the middle was Souma.
These were the ones chosen from amongst the senior clan who governed the island to be Honorable Arbitrators, the Koutouda.
The little girl beckoned the woman from the Department of Divinities who wore the serpent mask.
She put her lips close to the woman who kneeled reverentially and whispered something in her ear.
“Yes. Certainly.”
The woman wearing the serpent mask then turned to face the Koutouda.
“Ones of the Koutouda. I have received the oracle from Tamakushi-sama. Listen carefully.”
She was not large in any way but her serious voice was divine and full of dignity, as if it had descended from some place far beyond the heavens.
As if they had been struck by lightning, the Koutouda prostrated themselves before her.
“The spirit of Oomikami is astir. In order to rid the island of all calamity and allow descendants of all generations to gloriously prosper, the “Ceremony to Appease the Spirit of the Dead” must occur without fault.
Koutouda, make sure to keep this in mind. From each strand of hair to every drop of blood, all those who live are dedicated to Orochi-sama.
The feelings of the Mikamiko.
The duty of the Honorable Arbitrator.
The conclusion of ‘Houtenkon.’
If any of these go wrong, Totsuka Island will become the source of destruction. Understood?”
The nine shadows all prostrated themselves simultaneously.

Time remaining until the day of “Appeasing the Spirit,” their sixteenth birthday: 108 days.



  1. Thanks!

  2. Sweet. The last chapter for Part I. I’m about to sleep but I keep thinking if this chapter is translated. Thank you very much and I finished the first part. I promise I will comment every time you translate a chapter so, keep translating

  3. Thank you! Oh no this must mean that there is only 108 days of their happiness left, however hopefully it will be a tonnes of happy moments for them. Great news about Japan by the way. You must be so excited.

  4. Thanks, and congrats for your 2 for 2 :)

    Yeah, the sweet chapters feel easier than the dark side of the story, though the antagonist’s side were never expanded to the full extent. I understand that translating the whole story seems like something you can never finish, but trust me– you can ^_^ (‘Coz I have done it in Chinese…) It is more of a matter of your choice. If you WANT to finish it or not.

    As for my name, I’ve got used to being called lethe, it’s just WordPress automatically choose my email address as my name for some reason.

  5. Whoa, I’ve vaguely heard about this story for a long time. I didn’t know it was actually in progress (and being translated)! Thank you so much for doing this! =D

  6. Oh my goodness. I can’t thank you enough. After watching Kannazuki No Miko the other day I’ve been feeling emotionally starved and desperate for more. I came across the Himegami website and was so curious! Your translation of pt 1 is wonderful. Honestly, thank you so so much.

  7. I found this only today… Oh please, please, keep on. I wish I were at least one more hundred people commenting so you’d know how much I am grateful for what you’ve done so far (and had found it earlier so I could give support since the beginnig). It doens’t matter the speed really, or even if you finish it all *although it looks like much, the history does seen is reaching the end…*, but every single chapter is a delightful song to my ears (XD).
    So anything you fell like doing is enough, really ^^

    Many many countless sweet thank to you blessed one, that eveything you aim come true x3

  8. Muchas gracias por la traduccion.

  9. The story is somehow wont let me go and force me to read them all over again. goddamn goddamn goddamn! im not ready to crying like when i was watching KnM! but dude. so much thank you for the translation. im looking forward for the next chapter!
    oh Uetake Sumio-sensei. please dont separated Himeko from Chikane

  10. Konichiwa!!!
    First of all THANK YOU for the effort you put in this!! You are amazing and we´re all deeply grateful to you!
    And secondly: PLEASE keep on translating!! I HAVE to know what happens next! I beg of you… you can´t leave me like this… pleeeeeease…

  11. I’ve only just discovered these translations, having fallen out of anime/manga for several years and only recently feeling the urge to dive back into KnM again. I just wanted to say thank you so much for the effort, and it’s very much appreciated! This was a great read, and if you ever decide to tackle additional parts of the story I will definitely be back. These two girls are just too adorable to stay away!

  12. First of all, sorry for commenting only just now. It’s how I usually comment when I’m reading a series of some sort. I’m really sorry if you felt unappreciated because I neglected to comment on the previous parts. (But I only read it now, 2013, and it’s been like, what, four years since you posted the first part? Still, I’m sorry.)

    Second of all, thank you very much for this. I really appreciate you taking time to translate this. I thought I’d go crazy if I didn’t find out what the hell Himegami no Miko is. I’ve encountered it in the past but after finding out that it was still in development, I kept it away, in some corner of my mind. So now, I’m very pleased that someone has made translations while I was away. (Sometimes I wish I know Japanese too, and I did try to teach myself but… it was an EPIC FAIL.)

    I’m kind of confused by the ending though. There’s a part two, right? I hope you find the time to translate that too.

    Again, thanks A LOT!!

  13. Thank you very much, really great job and congratulations.

  14. Thank you very much for your efforts in translating Himeko/Chikane webnovel that we may appreciate it.

  15. So, today I finished watching KnM and although it wasn’t my first shoujo-ai, for some reason I felt really touched by the relationship between Chikane and Himeko. I was sad because it was over, so I decided to look for more stuff related to it — that’s how I ended up here!
    I want to sincerely thank you for putting so much effort into translating this novel. You did a great job here, I feel happier and I think now I can go on with life again! Hahaha
    You haven’t been updating for almost 2 years now, but I hope someday you’ll read this and feel encouraged for showing up with more awesome works!
    Love from Brazil. :)

  16. Thank you SO much.
    This is an amazing work, thank you for taking time to do this so we can enjoy it. I’ve been looking for this for so long and I finally found it today! Please keep posting more work.
    Believe me when I say this: there are a lot of people from around the world that read and love your work and effort you put into this. Once again, THANK YOU.
    -Greetings from Mexico

  17. Thanks for the Chapter.reading is over! Have wait again!!XXX is like!Reader who are interested can take a look!

  18. Thank you so much for translating all of this! I really appreciate how you’ve kept the poetic nature of the original text.

  19. just wondering… will the rest of Himegami no Miko be translated? Thanks!

  20. Thank you so much for the translations! I wanna ask, are you going to continue translating this? I really hope so! It’s fine for me if the updates are slow, I will wait for the updates patiently! But if you’re not going to continue this, well that’s a pity since I want to continue reading this, but since it’s your choice, I will respect whatever decision you make. Thanks again!

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