Posted by: 紺月明 | February 12, 2012

Milestone Reached!

Dear Readers,

I am not writing about any new content nor am I updating anything. The reason for this post is that, today, this blog reached 5,000 views! I am so excited and feel very happy to have so many people coming across this site, whether for specific content or via searches that lead you here. In the last few months and years since I decided to go more public with this blog and took on translation projects, I have been able to talk and interact a little more with you all and I am glad to have each and every one of you out there stopping by to read, comment and/or show your support.

From here on out, I will continue with HnM and anime song lyric translations along with yuri news and other things on occasion. (Maybe a little something special is in store later this year? We shall see.) However, I’d like to attract even more readers and more commenters than ever before. For that, I know I’ll need to expand and rethink my strategy but also ask that you help by putting this blog out there. I know some of you do this already, but I think we can reach other areas yet undiscovered and untouched.

Once again, thank you for coming around (whether for the first time or if you’re a repeat visitor) and I hope to keep you engaged with the content found here.



P.S. If you would like to connect in other ways with me, check out my Gravatar profile for e-mail, etc. :)


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