Posted by: 紺月明 | January 17, 2012

Happy New Year and SOPA/PIPA Protest

明けましておめでとうございます! Bonne Année! Feliz Año Nuevo! 新年快乐!

Happy New Year, everyone! I would like to sincerely apologize for the lack of posts since the last one in November. As I mentioned before, I was working on about three applications all due within the span of a month/month and a half. At the same time, I was celebrating a graduation in my family and with the holidays and everything occurring at the same time, I really could not focus on the blog at all. I also was away for the long weekend here in the U.S. in Toronto and just got back this morning. It was my first time in Canada other than going to Niagara Falls as a child. I had loads of fun and was able to go on quite a budget. If possible, I’d like to go again later this year when it is much, much warmer and far less snowy. As is typical of us, my best friend and I spent most of our time roaming the Chinatown area for dim sum and visiting Asian malls, sipping on bubble tea all the while. I also found a sweet anime store and scored myself a Sanji phone strap that will soon go on my phone. (Maybe I’ll post a pic or two later.)

If you manage to read this before 8 am EST on January 18th, I will be participating in the online blackout in protest of the Internet censorship bills that threaten our rights to free speech, privacy and posterity here in the U.S. It will last until 8 pm EST. As you may notice, there is a black ribbon on the site signifying my protest. If you click on this link, you’ll be able to find out more and how to join. It’s really sad to see the strides that have been met but also the movements for legislation like this that put us back two or three steps. Signing the online petition against it is a snap so, to all of you who read this, please go on to do so. A petition to the U.S. Department of State is also available to those who do not live in the U.S. and wish to help out. The State Department speaks out against Internet censorship in other countries, so why should it not also apply domestically?

I hope to get back on track with the translations for HnM, so look forward to that as the week progresses. Thank you, and my best wishes to all of you in 2012! :)


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