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Himegami no Miko (姫神の巫女): Character Biographies and Terms

I’m back again with the character biographies and terms I promised! I will address reader comments to the last chapter translated when I release the translation for the following chapter. If I don’t get to that this week, I will definitely have it out before the end of next week. I may go back and change some of the terminology used for the key terms in previous chapters depending on how I feel it fits and flows better for both you and I. I also would still like to make sure this all makes sense and is understood by readers so, if there is something that still remains unclear or if you have any other suggestions, please let me know by commenting at the end of this post. Thanks, and enjoy! :)

Disclaimer: Himegami no Miko belongs to Uetake Sumio-san, illustrations belong to Kaishaku, and the actual novel can be accessed here. This is not being done for profit or for sale, only for the sake of those who can’t fully understand the text in the original Japanese. The translation is all done by myself, so please credit me for it. As long as you do that, feel to translate it into other languages. Thank you!

Character Biographies

Kouzuki Chikane

“Mikamiko” from the Kouzuki family. 15 years old.
Perfectly proportioned and a pure beauty. Her characteristics include long, jet black hair and crystal clear, azure blue eyes. Contrary to her high class, ladylike appearance, she has repeatedly endured severe training since she became aware of her surroundings and now possesses physical abilities and a composed judgment as well as an iron willpower that far exceed that of an ordinary person. Her schoolgirl knowledge is virtually non-existent, she does not deem it essential nor experiences it, but she very quickly remembers things she is interested in and frequently surprises Himeko as a result. As someone with a proud personality, she vehemently dislikes trickery and outside interference. She is frequently likened to the brightly shining moon in the night sky. Her heart was shaken by Himeko’s unexpected “request.”

Hinomiya Himeko

“Mikamiko” from the Hinomiya family. 15 years old.
Her characteristics include a childish appearance that doesn’t fit with her age, soft, tea-colored hair and amethyst eyes. As someone with a personality who clearly displays her emotions, she contrasts sharply with Chikane, as she does not truly have physical or mental strength. Her hobbies, speech and conduct are quite girly through and through, so she constantly seeks a “close friendship” that includes physical contact with Chikane. She is assertive when it comes to hobbies or playtime but often commits blunders that spur on her appearance of childishness. One of her few special skills is aromatherapy. The ripples caused by her unforeseen “request” will soon grow into a huge swell that will go on to swallow fate.

Oomiwa Souma

A boy belonging to the senior clan, the “Kutouda,” that governs Totsuka Island from the shadows. He is charged with the mission to watch over and ensure that the battle between the two “Mikamiko,” the “Ceremony to Appease the Spirit of the Dead,” takes place and has his eyes set on their behavior and conduct at all times. Always elusive, along with unworldly dress and an aristocratic appearance, he has the impression of some ghost or spirit. Having physical abilities and skills that surpass those of the well-trained Chikane, he sometimes expresses sarcasm and falsehoods in feigning “advice.”


Mikamiko (Shrine Maidens)

Two girls on Totsuka Island who were born with the proof of “Oomikami” somewhere on their bodies. The “Mikamiko” do not belong to men but are offerings born for “Oomikami,” pulled from the wombs lent by their mothers he borrowed before they reached awareness of everything around them. Thus, they begin daily training and penance to devote themselves to the god as suitable “Mikamiko.” The battle known as “The Ceremony to Appease the Spirit of the Dead” begins following their 15th birthday. On the day of their 16th birthday, their mission is to decide who will perform the ritual of offering the life of the other, “Houtenkon” (Soul Offered to Heaven). Consequently, the families the “Mikamiko” are born into devote themselves full force to rear them so that they can win. The “Mikamiko” who wins and advances, along with her family, will be adopted into the “Kutouda” and a ceremony will be held for the “Kunado” (becoming the wife of the Honorable Arbitrator).

Mitamashizume no Gi (Ceremony to Appease the Spirit of the Dead)

The ritual under the name of Oomikami where the two “Mikamiko” meet in battle. The battle begins on the day of their 15th birthday and the final ceremony is held before “Oomikami” on their 16th birthday, “Houtenkon,” where either one of their lives is offered. There are two basic rules.
○ Until “Houtenkon,” neither girl may to end the life of the other.
○ The secret of Totsuka Island may not be disclosed to outsiders.
(※For example, no one can carelessly involve outsiders and cause a big uproar.)
Interference is prohibited except for those involved with the families of the “Mikamiko” and includes the “Honorable Arbitrator.”

Totsuka-jima (Totsuka Island)

A small, distant island off of the Sea of Japan. About 1,000 people live on the island. The symbol of the island, starting with Mt. Biwa, is its abundant nature but there are no particularly outstanding features and its inhabitants do not like contact with the people of the outside world. Those who essentially rule the island are the senior clan call themselves the “Kutouda” and they practice a unique faith in which Oomikami is revered.

Oomikami (Orochi)

A cursed god from ancient myth who is considered to be dormant on Totsuka Island. The story that has been passed down is that, when he awakens from deep slumber, the earth splits, the sea surges and “Totsuka Island” is destroyed. This evidence (unnaturally ruined mountain ridges and caldera lakes) can be seen here and there among the island. As proof of the awakening, the two girls who have the “symbols” first are sent out into the world.


The general term used for the senior clan who rules Totsuka Island from the shadows. Their mission is to carry out the “Ceremony to Appease the Spirit of the Dead” without fault and appease “Oomikami.” Those who belong to this group frequently can obtain special privileges along with the honor of being serviceable to “Oomikami.” They are all especially trained in the fundamental, secret techniques and arts passed down from each family and, among them, many possess unusual power.

Omitomeyaku (Honorable Arbitrator)

The one who observes the battle between the two “Mikamiko” as the referee and becomes the future bridegroom of the victor. Consequently, young men of marriageable age are often chosen from within the “Kutouda.” He judges what constitutes as violations of the rules (deserting while under attack by the enemy and running away from the household) for the “Mikamiko” and he does not interfere in the battle.


The general term used for the subordinates who work behind the scenes as the arms and legs of the “Kutouda.” They conduct various activities from combat support and covert operations like infiltration arrangement and information management. Employed by the families of the “Mikamiko,” they cooperate during the battle.



  1. Good job Kongetsume san. The terms are actually more work than it seems, and the formatting looks pretty good, too :)

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    (Not in a pervert way, just like Homer Simpson with a doughnut).
    Well, actually I´m dribbling since yesterday, last night, when i found this…
    Thank you very much for translating Himegami no miko.
    Best reagrds from Spain.

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