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A Present from Me to You: Himegami no Miko (姫神の巫女) Part I, Chapter 4

Happy Belated Birthday to Chikane and Himeko if it is indeed on October 1st (was that ever official?) Well, what I do know is that it is officially Oct. 7th now in my timezone. Therefore, I would like to bequeath my translation of the fourth chapter to you all. Happy Birthday to me! Literally. Once again, I’d like to thank a few select people who left comments for the previous chapter: lethe, lilly_938 and megan. I really do appreciate your comments and encouragement! I should put you all on an honor roll or something from now on, haha.

Anyway, I’m off to celebrate my own (i.e. call it a day, head to bed and then commence the festivities). I am not sure if there will be another release before I go to NYCC/AF in a week. It’s a toss up.

Disclaimer: Himegami no Miko belongs to Uetake Sumio-san, though illustrations belong to Kaishaku, and can be accessed here. I’m not doing it for profit, just translating it for fun and people who want to read it in a language they understand. Do I get to receive any fan mail? No? Phooey.

What happened on Himeko and Chikane’s next “date” was not much different than those before.
Himeko’s agenda was as awful as ever: she had knocked over a container by the test corner of a nail salon, she had made homemade sandwiches and black tea that was excessively sweet while honestly admitting that she was no good at making such things———
Chikane, stunned, only showed a wry smile.
“S-sorry…for the strange box lunch…but..umm.”
Himeko weakly muttered as she told Chikane.
“That’s enough… We’ll eat somewhere on the way back.”
As she watched Himeko become increasingly more dispirited, Chikane———Chikane’s lips spun words as if they were slipping.
“I wonder if I should try making something next time.”
Himeko looked up happily.
At that moment———
That “something” inside of Chikane emitted light and heat.
It was becoming a little hotter and brighter than the last time…that’s what it felt like.
Their “date” continued.
Each time, that “something” inside of Chikane gradually
changed form, getting bigger, more dazzling and warmer.
Running under the cover of the same coat on a rainy day.
Enjoying themselves as they performed a duet at karaoke.
Walking arm in arm while shopping.
Making box lunches until their fingers got covered in bandages…
That “something” grew.
As it brought feelings of comfort and a dull throbbing, it got bigger. And bigger.

The thunderous roar from an explosion scene during the movie brought Chikane back from the past and into the present.
The movie had already reached its climax.
Within crimson flames, a couple in love strongly embraced.
For Chikane, the content of the movie was of little interest to her. But it was alright as long as Himeko was happy.
It was okay to remember the scenes Himeko liked and just be able to understand well enough to respond when they come up in conversation.
Just then, Chikane felt something warm softly touching her fingertips.
So deeply overcome with emotion that it had moved her to tears, Himeko grasped Chikane’s hand tightly.
The feeling of the faint warmth and gentle softness of her fingers spread through her skin.
Chikane’s heart beat louder.
And that “something” grew once again.



  1. No one can beat me in replying to HnM posts! Muhahaha~~~
    I enjoy your translation very much :)
    Happy Birthday Chikane and Himeko from every universe!

  2. Wait a second, it is your B-day? Happy Birthday and happy everyday!

  3. Happy Birthday! and thanks for taking the time and giving us a present (though shouldn’t it be the other way around?).

  4. thanks a bunches!!!! i wasn’t expecting an update so soon. happy birthday!!!! i love october… :)

  5. awwwwwwwwww!!!!!!!!!!!! I want to read more!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! hehehe… awiwit!! I just love them both so much!! thanks again for taking time to translate this.. :D

  6. PLEASE update. i’m having himegami update withdrawals… :P thank you very much for translating this story for non speaking japanese people like me.

  7. This was the part I read up to too…. どきどきする。

    Although I’m reading it in Japanese (with rikaichan), having this translation to cross reference is a huge help. Thanks, once again :).

  8. What else can I say? Just:
    Doumo arigatou gozaimasu
    Merci beaucoup
    Grazie mille
    Danke sehr
    Muito obrigado
    Thank you very much
    Muchíííííísimas gracias for translating this.

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