Posted by: 紺月明 | August 31, 2011

“Afureru Kanjou ga Tomaranai” by Yuichi Ikusawa (Yu-Gi-Oh! 4th ending)

消えない過去(きのう)が 終わろうとして
瞳閉じれば 今でも そう君が
思い出は いつでも無邪気なままで
ひとりの暮らし まだ慣れなくて

飲み込まれそうな時代に 出会った奇跡
あの頃はただ傍にいるだけで 愛せると思っていた

あふれる感情が とまらない
同じ未来(ゆめ) 時間(とき)の中 ずっと抱いていたかった

流れる街並み 紅く染めてく
痛みも気付けば 幸せに変わる
強がりだけがそう 生きてく証明(あかし)
ロウソクの火のように 心灯す

人は涙を拭くたび 絆(ひと)を知って
君がくれた暖かいちから 優しさに変えていくよ

あふれる感情が とまらない
感じたまま生きてくよ 僕が僕である為に
あふれる友情に 癒されて

あふれる感情が とまらないよ

Trying to bring an end to the indelible past
If I close my eyes, even now, you are there…
My memories always continue to be innocent
I’m still not used to living alone

The miracle of having met during that overwhelming period
At that time, I thought I could make you love me just by being close to you

These overflowing feelings won’t stop
I always wanted to cling to the same future within time

The brimming street is being dyed red
If I become aware of pain, it will turn into happiness
It seems my acts of valor are my only testament of living
My heart kindles like a candlelight

Every time people wipe their tears, they understand bonds
I will change the warm strength you gave me into kindness

These overflowing feelings won’t stop
I’ll go on living as I felt them, so I can be true to myself
I’ll be healed by overflowing friendship
Our chance meeting is true and, someday, we’ll come to understand each other

These overflowing feelings won’t stop…


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