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Guess who’s back. Back again! Along with 姫神の巫女 (Himegami no Miko), Chapter 1

Greetings to all who may or may not still read this. I’d like to profusely apologize for not posting on here for a long time. m(._.)m I have a reason (though you judge on whether or not it is a good one) why I’ve been so negligent with this blog and other projects. This past academic year was the last of my undergraduate career, so I was busy taking courses after being away in Japan during the previous year. So yeah, you can imagine. I was writing an exorbitant amount of papers (like my thesis) and was just all-around busy with a lack of time to dedicate to this and my lyrics translation blog. However, seeing as I’ve graduated (and yes, I lack a stable job as of yet, though I’ll be teaching Japanese for 5 weeks at a summer program coming up soon), I should be able to dedicate more time to blogging, translation, and fanfiction.

Cheap plug alert! If you like Kannazuki no Miko and enjoy reading fics, check mine out here: And We Meet, Once Again. There’s also a link to my profile on the Links section of this site. Finally, I’ve updated with a new and improved Shoutbox if you’d like to leave any comments about the site/my blog in general.

Phew! Alright. Now that that’s out of the way, let’s move on. I felt guilty for seeming like I was ignoring those few who left comments on my previous post where I translated the prologue of Himegami no Miko. I’m not sure how many people actually read it since I can’t track the number of visits to my blog so, if you’re out there, let me know who you are! I won’t bite…much. ;) I accept anonymous comments on my posts and I have my Shoutbox so there isn’t much of an excuse. I really appreciate knowing who’s all out there and enjoying this, you know? Anyway, I’ll leave you all with that to munch on and just go ahead and leave chapter one here for you. Enjoy!

Disclaimer: Himegami no Miko belongs to Uetake Sumio-san, while the illustrations belong to Kaishaku, and can be accessed here. I’m only translating this for practice, my enjoyment, and the benefit of an English-speaking audience. Wanna translate it to other languages? Be my guest, as long as you credit me for my work and don’t claim it as your own. :) Thank you!

Somewhere in Tokyo.

There was a small private railway station.

Immediately to the right past the ticket gate, a solitary young girl stood by the third column.

 She was dressed in a blazer that seemed to be part of a uniform from a girls’ school, and her flaxen hair was tied with a large, white ribbon.

 Being of a short build with gently-sloping shoulders and a round face, she gave off a child-like impression as a whole.

She’s neither a beauty nor plain. You might say she was quite cute but, within this crowd, it doesn’t quite feel as if she’d stand out from the rest.

Sometimes while she stared at her wristwatch with hydrangea-colored eyes, her eyes shifted around restlessly. With such comportment, she seemed like she was a small animal from some forest.


The resounding footsteps belonged to a girl who wore what looked to be a traditional sailor uniform.

She had jet-black hair, long and slender limbs, and an abundant chest as evidenced by the top of her uniform.

Her indigo blue eyes gave off a radiance of an unparalleled sort on this stratosphere.

In comparison, the girl who called the other ‘Himeko’ was a girl of fascinating beauty; if she walked down the street, everyone would turn their heads…she gave off the mystic atmosphere of someone who wasn’t of this world.


Himeko replied in a voice full of delight and rushed over to Chikane with the pitter-patter of her feet.

It was as though she was a puppy going over to greet her master.

“I’m sorry that I’m late.”

Chikane said.

Like the air of a sacred mountain, hers was a bracing and crystal clear voice.

“T-that’s not true! It’s just that I ended up coming too early, that’s all…”

Himeko fidgeted as she responded.

“If that’s the case then, it’s alright…let’s go.”


The two of them set off walking shoulder-to-shoulder.

Inside of the train, both girls were chatting about insignificant things.

Still, the one who was doing most of the talking was Himeko.

She spoke about pictures she took at school with her cell phone.

Then she spoke of the new “Rip” phone model that was expensive and she wasn’t able to purchase.

She mentioned something that had excited all the girls in her class: the lucky color of the week according to an astrology website.

Chikane would listen to her whimsical chitchat by occasionally nodding and indicating that she was paying attention with a smile.

“Chikane-chan, what’s your star sign? I happen to have looked up the website, too.”

Watching her elatedly pull out her cell phone and begin to fiddle around with it, Chikane spoke.

“It’s the same, isn’t it? For both of us.”

“Ah, y-yeah, that’s right.”

In her embarrassment, Himeko’s cheeks flushed and she cast her eyes down.

Every time Chikane looked at this Himeko, she would recall certain things about her.

Seeing Himeko was shy now, she knew it was because she ended up feeling dejected right away over trivial things.

Her whirling and constantly changing facial expressions were just like…

When she was a child, there was a toy in her grandmother’s room- that’s right, a kaleidoscope.

As the multi-colored fragments rotated, they would take shape in various shades and patterns.

Lively, brilliant, and then-

“And then what?”


“What’s our luck going to be today?”

“Uh, umm, let me see…well…”

Flustered, she looked at the information displaying on the screen.

The kaleidoscope, once again, began to spin.

As she watched over her attentively, Chikane entertained a thought.

What do we look like to those around us?

To those beside us, we look like close sisters or seem like nothing but long-acquainted childhood friends.

I wonder who is looking at and thinking about us?

The uplifting smiles and the bonding conversation are all lies.

They are only an act.

They’re a brief moment of playing house for the two girls born under the same star in a destiny where they’re supposed to kill one another.

What is it, really?

This strange connection they share.

Everything began on that day- at the moment an oath was made under the moonlight.

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  1. Thanks again for translating this! I've read summaries of this, but reading the entire thing is even better, especially since it's very coherent. I hope you continue to translate the rest. I can't wait!

  2. ok.. nyahahaha.. I send you a pm in fanfiction asking you to give me a link to your translation.. nyahahhaha… but I found it! thanks again for translating this… :)


  3. Yes!! I´m really enjoying the story.
    Kongetsume rules!! :DD
    I love your translation (even if i need to consult my english-spanish dictionary
    sometimes because I don´t understand all the words. But it´s fantastic! And I´m also learning english vocabulary). XD
    Once again, I´m fascinated by/with ¿? Chikane. (Sorry, I heasitate, my english isn´t perfect…)
    Thanks for your effort and job!

  4. Thank you!
    I’m from Argentina and I couldn’t find this work translated anywhere but in your blog. Thank you for your time :) OMG I’m sooo happy :D

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