Posted by: 紺月明 | September 7, 2009

New discoveries, releases, and chapter in life

Seems I’ve neglected writing here for a while, but I guess things began to get a little hectic with my packing and getting things ready for moving onto campus. I should’ve gone to the dentist and gotten my vision checked for new glasses but I neglected doing that. It’s alright, though. I go every year and I’ll definitely go and get checked before another year passes by, especially since I won’t have health insurance much longer after graduation. -_-;;

It’s my second night here and I must say I’m enjoying having an apartment all to myself. Everything is great, especially location, noise-level, and convenience but it’s not as nice as my remodeled second year apartment was (though I shared with a roommate back then). The cabinets, drawers, stove, and oven all look kind of old and worn, as if they haven’t been changed for a few years, but at least everything seems to be in working order so far. There was just one little pest I had to rid myself of quickly last night and hope there are little to no repeats in the future.


But yeah, earlier this week I was stumbling around scanlation sites, yuri info, and whatnot when I saw people making a big deal of a manga series titled “Sasameki Koto.” It’s an ongoing series with 4 volumes already released. So I sniffed out the scanlations, which are being done by Dynasty Scans, and read pretty much about three volumes worth in a few hours. I realized then what the big deal was about.

We start off with Sumika, an academically gifted girl with a book-ish kind of look but also excels at sports and has a cool, and at times sarcastic, sort of personality. She happens to be in love with her best friend Kazama, a semi-naive girl who is into cute girls and gets tons of one-sided crushes. Unaware of her friend’s feelings, Kazama jokingly makes sure to point out to Sumika how she’s not cute and not her type, not knowing how those words affect her friend. There are two other girls, Hachizuka and Miyako who are openly out and dating one another, as well as Kiyori who often hangs out at lunch with Sumika and Kazama, as well as several other characters who are introduced along the way.

I think Sasameki Koto provides an interesting angle on the whole girl-loves-her-female-best-friend plot line because, in this case, the best friend being into girls isn’t the problem at all. There are also guys in the mix, as they attend a co-ed school (bonus points for not being set in an all-girls’ school), one of which is short and really girly-like (and seems more suited for yaoi, IMHO) who’s into Sumika and, noticing how close to Kazama she is, starts cross-dressing in hopes of getting noticed. But his little sister finds out, sends pics to a magazine and gets him hired as a model, only to serve as another one-sided, cute-girl crush for Kazama. lol I really find the various twists enjoyable and find myself smiling and chuckling every now and then as I read. I frankly am surprised I didn’t hear about this series sooner, as is the case with a bunch of things, and felt like kicking myself for not noticing. Heheh.

Still, THE most exciting thing is that Sasameki Koto was licensed as an anime and the first episode will air on my BIRTHDAY! :D Starting on Wednesday, October 7th, the first ep will air on TV Tokyo and be broadcast every subsequent week. This is a birthday present I’m looking forward to very much so, and I’m seriously counting down the days. It makes me happy to have great series like Aoi Hana and now Sasameki Koto made into full-featured anime. Hopefully Crunchyroll decides to also simulcast this one. Yuri sure has seemed to pick up this year, and decent yuri at that. It makes me hopeful for the future of the genre. :)

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