Posted by: 紺月明 | August 13, 2009

Idleness, no motivation, but perhaps no more!

Wow, so I took the time to come back to this page, which I had forgotten I almost had and thought to myself, why didn’t I continue writing on this blog?

So I decided to come back and maybe revive it. I haven’t really shared this link with anyone and am not sure if I want many people to know about it, so I’ll see how I feel about it in time.

After the mind-altering experience I had in Japan, being back in the U.S. seems like such a drag. Luckily, I have had a few discoveries and some of the manga I brought home with me to keep me fulfilled (though I’ve been slacking in actually sitting and reading them properly ^-^;;). I won’t go into boring details about self-introspections and conflicts I’ve had and whatnot because that sounds more like what you’d do in a diary and that is not what this is. You will see what I think with the things that I am passionate about but the entirety of my life will not be revealed here.

I guess I should start off with the manga (and currently airing anime) Aoi Hana, or Sweet Blue Flowers. Seriously, I don’t think I’ve seen any yuri anime cause such storm in the Internet. Left and right it’s Aoi Hana manga this, Aoi Hana anime that. So I had to indulge in that curiosity, ya know?


So Manjoume Fumi is about to enter high school and returns back to her hometown after being away for a good deal of her childhood. Okudaira Akira is also entering high school. These girls were close friends in elementary school and were hardly, if ever, apart. They meet without recognizing each other, but they are attending different schools. Their parents get in contact, Akira and her mom go over to Fumi’s and they meet again, realizing who the other girl was. Fumi always recalls how easy she was to weep and how Akira always consoled her. Meanwhile, Fumi’s cousin is getting married and it upsets her greatly, more than it should. Hmm, wiffs of yuri… Fumi shortly afterwards meets Sugimoto Yasuko and is reeled in by her sempai’s charm, ending up dating her. But even Sugimoto-sempai is not entirely devoid of faults and has an unfulfilled love of her own.

I’m pretty impressed by the issues the characters have to deal with in this story. I like plot driven stories, but character driven stories can be pretty excellent if dealt with properly.

The manga is excellent, and I managed to get my hands on the first 3 volumes to read in the original Japanese… I rushed through them in less than a week. As far as the anime goes (which is being executed pretty darn well and close to the original manga, minus a few minute details), I am always waiting, week by week, to see the new release. I mean, I find it pretty darn amazing that it is simulcast in Crunchyroll one hour after it is aired in Japan with English subs and everything.There is such a slice of life feel to it that I can’t get enough. I keep wanting to see how these dynamic characters develop through their thoughts and actions.

There’s also something in the art style, the crisp, clear lines kind of draw you in. There’s no fan service or anything of the sort (sorry, ya pervs) and a sort of smooth fluidness that entices you. If you haven’t checked it out by now (I hope you’ve, at least, heard of it), do me a favor and check it out now, plz k thanx.



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