Posted by: 紺月明 | December 23, 2008

Laziness (but a perfectly good excuse to read some manga!)

Hey y’all. So today I realized that I also have to write a report for a scholarship that’s due in about a week for the program I’m in. >.<; Crap, well anyway, I can probably bullshit and have no structure and get a few pages done. There are no real requirements or guidelines so whatever. It’s really stupid but it must get done. I’ll e-mail it right before New Years’ then.

Yeah, so after realizing that I have to do that, I was like whatever and decided to catch up and read all chapters of Girl Friends that have been released and scanlated online (17). [By the way, there are two volumes released already!] It is also by good old Milk Morinaga who I’ve mentioned in earlier posts. This woman is just amazing! Her stories are always very touching. Seriously though, so much slow-paced torture involved BUT it’s amazing because it means the story goes on longer and longer, leaving room for character development, and it doesn’t just end up in pointless sex like some yuri are infamous for doing. But come on, they need to have a mutual kiss already! >.< lol

Well, I am expectantly awaiting lots from this story as I know it speaks volumes about first same-sex love, especially when that person also turns out to be your best friend. In my opinion, it’s probably the most difficult person you can end up having feelings for but probably the most fulfilling if it does work out into a mutual love. I mean, Mari’s character development is something else and while some of her decisions haven’t been the best, there are multiple forces at work. Frankly, I just feel sorry for the girl. She started going out with a boy she gave chocolates to in elementary school when he asked her out after years of not being in the same school or seeing each other. So when she thought it would be a good way to forget about Akko (given that Akko had her figured out, saying that it seems like she’s doing it out of pity, and Mari then proceeded to kiss her and tell her, “My love will never be fulfilled”), it just got to me. But Akko’s feelings are starting to surface a little, especially when she got jealous over hearing how this guy all of a sudden asked Mari out seemingly out of nowhere. I was like, ‘Yes! Score!’ Though they’re now at a point of strain in their friendship/relationship, I’m sure they’ll gravitate towards one another again to confront these feelings and come to some kind of conclusion and closure. I just wanna read more already, dammit! T-T

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