Posted by: 紺月明 | December 22, 2008

No more ‘予定です’! :D

It’s been long coming, but I guess I can say I’m fairly settled in with my new host family. They are pretty awesome, especially otou-san. It’s a little eerie how we have like the same tastes for food. We love spicy foods and garlic! And we may go to Kyoto’s sole Mexican place in the future. :) I wonder what else’ll we’ll be alike in? But anyway, this post will be kind of short and so will the next one. I’ll probably have more to say once I get back from Tokyo but I びっくりした’ed when my otou-san knew about ‘el chupacabra.’ I also tried some badminton after years of not really having to do any sports. I’m confident I’ll get better at it, though, after playing some more.

Haven’t really had a chance to read much since I’ve been mainly spending time with my host family since I came, but I went to the Kyoto Modern Art Museum with my friend this past Saturday. Some pieces were interesting to say the least, but we’re not really into the macabre or anything, so we appreciated some more intricate, fine point designs in a gallery towards the end of the visit.

Apparently my host dad, brother, and sister also watch One Piece every weekend. So the episode that aired this weekend wasn’t news for me as I had seen it online and my otou-san was like ok, you are such an otaku! You like Japan too much! XD But yeah, seriously I was like I saw it online already! Maybe in Tokyo it’s aired a little ahead. Or so my host brother speculated. He also asked me about the ‘Binks’ Sake’ song. I said maybe there’s a pirate song like it but I don’t really know. Maybe I’ll look into it later. I think they’re looking forward to more displays of my otakuness. XD

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