Posted by: 紺月明 | December 16, 2008

First post evah~!

OMgosh! It’s the first post. Yeah… It’s kind of lame but actually it’s a good time to write down my feelings and in what direction I think I wanna head in with this blog. But, first things first. I’ve been pretty upset because the study abroad program I’m in has screwed me over on multiple occasions. By this I mean in the way of handling my transition from living in an apartment to living with a host family. Don’t get me wrong, I DO want to move in with a host family, and I DO NOT regret my decision about wanting to get out of the apartment but it really has been ridiculously awkward and taxing on myself because of the many times it’s been planned or decided that X will happen. X= a list of things decided for me, out of my control, whether I like it or not, agree with it or not, or was aware that it was an option or not. I won’t dwell on this topic because you can just read about it in my other blog that I’ve dedicated to writing about my experiences in Japan, Yari in Japan.

So what am I going to post about on this here blog, you ask? Well, everything. By that I mean everything I’ve seen online, like funny YouTube videos or something that relate to anime/manga or specific genres I’m interested in, books or other literature I have, am, or will read, old new anime/manga series I’m familiar with or have decided to check out and my thoughts about them (not so much a formal review since many of those exist), I’ll also talk about the fanfiction scene or part of the fanfiction scene I’m interested in (like specific series or couplings), some fanart I stumble upon (particularly those funny strips that give a humorous side to certain anime/manga), maybe also some of the artists and music I am in possession of (be it anime closings/openings, wrestling themes, or other bands that have nothing to do with the aforementioned) and, through this, surely it’ll be a nice way to get into my psyche. Bwahaha! For those who stumble upon this, you don’t know what’s in store for you. Please view me favorably, though. m(._.)m よろしくお願いします!

By the way, I am reading a scanlation of the anthology of one-shots by Milk Morinaga (Morinaga Milk, if you desire family name first, first name last format) called “くちびるためいきさくらいろ” (which roughly translates to “Lips, Sigh, Cherry Blossom-color”) from the now-defunct yuri manga magazine, Yuri Shimai. I’ll see once I read the rest of it within the next day or so if I would be interested in going to Book-Off, a local chain of discounted manga and other books, to purchase it in its Japanese version for original version sake. That, and spend a longer time trying to get through it by testing the waters of my limited Japanese and pushing them beyond. Fun!

I’ve read about two shorts or so and I gotta say one word to summarize these stories: CUTE! If it’s your kind of thing, that is. I mean, I’m a big yuri fiend. [Shoujo-ai is WRONG, but let’s not get into logistics about the terminology at this moment in time, ok? -_-] And yeah, I know what some people are gonna say. Since it’s school-girl stuff, it doesn’t even count as real love. Or it’s too fluffy. Or there’s not enough perviness. Well, guess what? Yuri is not merely a man’s tool to get off on (though I know guys who sincerely appreciate the stuff for reasons unrelated to this). I mean, geez. It can be a beautiful and sweet thing. And for those who think it’s highly unlikely, I know how it was for me when I was in high school and I can relate a bit, so nya~! =P Besides, it’s すごくかわいい, and that’s that.

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