Posted by: 紺月明 | November 27, 2008

“靴擦れ” by Matsuda Ryouji (Black Cat 2nd ending)

寒いねと君が小さな手を 僕のポケットに滑りこませ
強がりな君の横顔に 少しでも曇りがある時に
笑顔で君の好きな歌 歌えるかな

白い息は今ひとつになって 夜空に溶けていく

何も言わないで 今この瞬間(とき)が続くといいね
僕はただ 見つめてる 願ってる
静かに積るよ 粉雪

おろしたての黒いブーツのせいで 靴ずれした右足休めて

急がないで二人のリズムで このまま歩いてく

何も言わないで やがて僕らは分かり合うから
今はただ 抱きしめて 暖めて

静かに積るよ 粉雪

“It’s cold, isn’t it?” You slipped your small hand into my pocket
Your frozen fingers are gently warming up
Courageously; there were a few clouds at the time
I wondered, with a smile, if I would be able to sing the song you like

Now, our white breaths become one going on to melt the night sky

Don’t say anything, if this moment continues it would be nice, right?
Now, I am merely gazing, hoping
The powdered snow is quietly accumulating

Because your black boots are brand new, you had to rest the sore on your right foot
I’ll match your slow pace

Without having to hurry, we’ll go on walking with our rhythm

Don’t say anything, because before long we’ll come to understand each other
Now, just hug me close, warm me up
Because I am being enveloped by all

The powdered snow is quietly accumulating


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