Posted by: 紺月明 | November 14, 2008

“Shuffle” by Okui Masami (Yu-Gi-Oh! 2nd opening)


操られてるのか? on the field 誰もが
怯えずに go away でも…

目を閉じて心で切る just like cards きっと


見えない絆こそ on the field 誰もが
必要な it’s the power だから…


目を閉じて心で見る just like cards それは
約束された yes! you are the winner

見えない未来 -あした- だからこそ
ワクワク出来るんだと ah 気づいた
never lose! 心で切る just like cards きっと

“I can’t pass over” “I’m irritated”
I destroyed the hurdles but no solution at all is coming forth

If you don’t protect the balance of things like strength and love and so on
You’ll end up losing sight of yourself
Are you being manipulated? On the field, no one
Is frightened, go away, but…

From the roads of the tomorrow that cannot be seen
You may not be able to choose one
Close your eyes and shuffle* with your heart, just like cards, surely
We’ll draw* a miracle

If you live putting forth all seriousness, important things will increase
You’ll be forgetting unpleasant things

For sure the bonds that cannot be seen, on the field, everyone is
essential, it’s the power, so…

I’m acquainted with the loneliness and difficulty of being alone
I understand pain, now
No matter what kinds of things swoop down on me,
I can carry them without running away

People that betray you with an unconcerned face are
Too numerous, now
Close your eyes and look with your heart, just like cards, that is
The promise that was made, yes! You are the winner

Tomorrow cannot be seen, for this reason
I can be excited, ah, I’ve just realized this
Never lose! Shuffle with your heart, just like cards, surely
A miracle will occur because of it

The verb 切る (kiru) means ‘to cut’ but it also can mean ‘to shuffle’ and since it’s the title of the song, I deemed it appropriate.
I also translated 引き当てよう by looking up both parts of the word separately since ‘to apply’ or ‘to compare’ didn’t make sense in context, and used 引き ‘pulling’ and 当てる ‘to expose’ to mean ‘to draw.’
I’ve taken several liberties with this song as there are a lot of messages and references in it, so I apologize for any glaring errors as it took a greater deal of energy than previous ones. Nonetheless, I love this song! :D


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